Epoxy Flooring



Have you thought about giving your garage floor an epoxy coating? The experts at Wall 2 Wall Painting & Services have! An epoxy coating is one of the best finishes that you can apply to your garage or exterior floor.

The simplest reason is for the effect; an epoxy floor is one of the most durable and resilient finishes. A tough hardened and thickened coating of epoxy protects your garage floor from a number of things. This means no chips, stains (chemical or otherwise) and no surface abrasion. If you drop or spill something, there’s no worry about messing up your floor!

Have previous imperfections, like minor cracks and flaws, in your exterior floor? We’ve got you covered. An exterior epoxy coating turns your boring old cement floor into a smooth, professional looking floor. Whether it’s outside or your garage, we can handle it.

There are a number of different applications to choose from, and you can select different colors or hues to make your own custom flooring. We will work with you to make sure you receive exactly what you want.

The new shine will give your floor not only function, but beauty as well. It will even brighten up the environment of your garage, as it can be very reflective.

Garage floor epoxy coating is not paint. Epoxy cures instead of dries, and this result ends in a much stronger and thicker substance. Epoxy is a resin coating that acts as a sealant, which means it is anti-dust and will not get cement powder all over the belongings in your garage or exterior floor.

We will use proper preparation techniques to ensure the epoxy can adhere fully to the cement. We will prime the area before applying a color base coat and finally a clear top coat. Multiple coats of each type are applied so that the coating will last for many years.

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